Corine Dehghanpisheh

Children's Picture Book Author and Illustrator

Writer and illustrator of children's picture books.

#BabyLove: My Social Life

Award Winner

*2016 Next Generation Indie book Award Winner- Children's Picture Book (0-5)




"Click." "Tap." Tag and post.

An adored baby tells a modern tale about life in today's digital world.

#BabyLove: My Social Life highlights the social phenomena of sharing daily activities using technology and social networks.

Publisher: My Art to Inspire

2nd Ed Published: June 22, 2016

PO Box 30302, NY, NY 10011

ISBN: 9780985193058

Paperback: 36 pps

Hard Cover List Price: $24.00 USD

Soft Cover List Price: $12.95 USD

Kindle Price: $2.99 USD

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New book, '#BabyLove,' offers a look at parenting in the social media age.  By Amy Maciaszek of the Chicago Northwest Parenting Examiner for

Latest Reviews

A charming modernization of the traditional bedtime tale.
— Kirkus Reviews
#BabyLove offers a hipster view of contemporary parenting. Beneath the story of technological trendiness, however, lies a more enduring portrait of nurture and joy.
— Foreword Clarion Reviews
The book #BabyLove: My Social Life, by Corine Dehghanpisheh, is a beautifully-illustrated take on this new world we live in where the phone reigns and social media drives us.
— Celeste from
If you love posting and sharing your baby’s pictures and videos to Social Media then this book is for you.
— Mymcbooks's Review on Goodreads
A must have for all moms.
— Dawn on Goodreads
#BabyLove: My Social Life by Corine Dehghanpisheh is an original and adorable children’s book...
— Red City Review
Dehghanpisheh’s wry and subtle humor is evident throughout this story that will entertain adults as well as the children they share the book with. #BabyLove: My Social Life is highly recommended for tech-savvy parents and their babies.
— Jack Magnus from Readers' Favorite

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