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Support Books for Troops

An Important Non-Profit Organization

Books ready to ship

Books ready to ship

Recently, I came across a wonderful opportunity to support a non-profit organization called Books for Troops.  The organization was started by Ellen Keegan, a retired school teacher in 2010. She began collecting books to send to US troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Their services have since been expanded to send books to some VA hospitals, the American Red Cross Wounded Warriors program, and to their families, and children.

A best-selling author named Jen Blood has begun collecting signed books this month from authors to donate to the Books for Troops organization.  When I learned of her efforts, I was more than happy to send some of my books to her.  Jen will continue to collect books from authors until March 1, 2014.

I am thankful to support such an important endeavor for our troops and their families.  They have given up and sacrificed so much for our country.  I am very grateful to the efforts of Jen and to Books for Troops! Thank you!

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