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Being a Mom

Learning to Eat. #BabyLove

Learning to Eat. #BabyLove

Making my way through the early days of motherhood entailed an open mind, a sense of humor, and most importantly lots of help!

Having a baby was life changing.  Since I like doing things my way, remaining open-minded was the most challenging.    I didn't have any fail safe routines available or even a clue sometimes as to what I was supposed to do.  

Thankfully,  I did have books, the internet, and a lot of solicited and unsolicited advice from friends and family.  From day one I realized I couldn't take in all the information at once nor could I shut it down it all out either.  Instead I gathered my patience; I listened, read, tried, failed and even succeeded at a few things. 

A sense of humor came with the territory of dealing with stressful situations.  Generally, I am not a stress crier so I needed the laughter to release the tense moments of being a new mom.  Being exhausted, unsure, and in love all at the same time with this incredible needy and loving baby provided ample opportunity for giggles and laugh out loud relief.

Help arrived right on time!  My mom flew into NYC on the day I returned home from the hospital.  What a great help – a grandmother, mother, and junior high science teacher, she came prepared and to teach.

Thankfully, I am at an age where I have worn out the attitude of "I can do this all by myself" and "I don't need help."  Yes I did and I still do need that help. 

By the way, my daughter Lily just turned one years old and help is still needed and greatly appreciated!  Hint: mom~ are you ready for another trip :)

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