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Proofing Process

Finally after months of writing, editing, drawing, and reworking...and reworking- I am at the proofing stage of my  book, #BabyLove: My Social Life. 

Hooray!  I am so excited to be at this finalizing step.  Creating this book has been more personal than ever.  The idea for this book began upon the birth of my daughter, Lily, last July. 

Within that first months of her life, I can't tell you how many photos and videos were taken by me, my husband, our family and countless friends who came to meet Lily.  All of the picture taking and recording was so much fun.  Yet at times, it became overwhelming trying to capture a moment to share with others. 

Interestingly, I often found the most loveable images were those humorous and silly spontaneous moments caught by accident.

The purpose of this book is to show the different moments in a day in the life of an approximately six month old baby.  I created images to highlight the silly, mundane, and even posed moments that can occur.  At the same time, I wanted to include the technology used to capture the images and videos such as phones and tablets, along with the aspect of sharing the images on social media.  These days photographs and videos, phones and tablets, along with social media all go hand in hand.

I can't wait to share more of the book details soon.

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