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Looking for a new children's picture book?  Look no further.

Below you will find some interesting children's picture books that I discovered after joining an author blog hop.  I hope you find them interesting and spread the word. 

A special thank you to fellow author Gia Volterra de Saulnier for organizing and connecting all of us together.   I have started the book list with Gia's book: Journey to Jazzland.

Journey to Jazzland

Journey to Jazzland
By Gia de Saulnier

Written by Gia Volterra de Saulnier

Do you know how to get to Jazzland?

About the Book

From Gia's website:

"The story is about a Flute, named Windy, who gets bored in Orchestra one day and plays some wrong notes. She meets some new friends along the way (all instruments) who then help her learn about jazz and music.

I am hoping that this book will inspire young children to learn more about music and to help bring a spark of music back to Elementary schools. I also wanted to bring Jazz back in to the fore front of children's minds. It is an American History we really should not forget about."

Join Windy Flute and all her musical friends on an adventure to find that magical place!


Miro the Dragon
By Theresa Berg

Written by Saoirse O'Mara.

Miro the Dragon is a picture book written in German that has been translated into English.

Book Blurb

"Once upon a time, there was a small dragon that was barely bigger than a child’s hand. His scales glowed in a radiant red and there were two tiny, peaked, yellow horns on his head. His name was Miro. Miro lived in Drakonia, the magical land of dragons.

Dragons of all colours and sizes lived in Drakonia but Miro was by far the smallest. He went to the dragon school every day like all the other dragon children and learned to fly, to breathe fire, to swim and to hunt. Or so he should. But Miro was afraid. He was afraid of heights, of water, of burning himself, of bigger animals and even of his own shadow from time to time.

One day after a swimming lesson in which Miro had refused to participate, his teacher called him. He watched the small dragon for a long time. Finally, he said with a booming voice, ‘Miro, I don’t know what to do with you. You are no dragon but a wimp! Go out into the wide world and conquer your fears before you come back to school.’

Before Miro even had a chance to understand what his teacher had meant, a strong whirlwind grabbed him.[...]"

Written by Lindsay Brant-Brumwell and Illustrated by Melody Green.

Book Description

"Fiddle and Dee are two brother bunnies with HUGE imaginations. They believe that anything is an adventure if they just make it so. Sometimes their imaginations get them into trouble, or cause them to become worrisome. Together, the two brothers can conquer their fears, meet new friends, and embark on new adventures throughout their forest home and beyond.

Fiddle and Dee and the Bedtime Band is about hearing the noises of the night and being frightened by them, only to discover they really aren't that bad at all. That the noises can actually be soothing, and can bring on peaceful sleep and nice dreams.

This book is Book 1 in The Adventures of Fiddle and Dee series, so stay tuned for more bunny fun!"

Written by Nina Carothers

About the Series

“Nina Carothers’ The Wonderful World of Color Olors previews the first 13 Color Olors characters. Your child will absolutely love the 13 different colorful characters, such Pink Ink, Gray Ray, Yellow Ellow and more!

This fun 36-page full color book introduces each character in the series to your child. They can then pick and choose the characters that they love the most.

Welcome to The World of Color Olors, a great place to be.
Filled with strange and silly characters, as you will see.
Pink Ink, Purple Urple, Orange Range and more.
Their world is filled with colors, so let’s explore.
There is Black Lack, Red Ed and Blue Lue.
Come see Gold Old, White Hite and Gray Ray, too.
Brown Rown and Yellow Ellow will make you smile.
Green Reen is a healthy one. Silver Ilver has style.

This book series is illustrated by accomplished Children’s book artist
Chris Padovano, and published by All Star Press – Books that Change

Written by Award Winning Author Barbara Ann Mojica.

Two Book Series

Book 2: Little Miss History Travels to The Statue of Liberty

Book 1: Little Miss History Travels to Mount Rushmore

About Book 2

“Since her last trip to Mount Rushmore, Little Miss HISTORY has journeyed more than 1700 miles over land, sea and air to reach her second destination, The Statue of Liberty. This national treasure stands proudly in New York Harbor welcoming all people to the land of freedom and opportunity. In this second book of the series, Little Miss HISTORY will help you discover who thought of the statue in the first place, the values she symbolizes, the architects and engineers who built Lady Liberty, and the little known individuals who contributed their pennies to make her debut in New York’s harbor possible. You will learn about why she remains a promise and symbol of the hopes and aspirations of many people around the world and not just to immigrants coming to America. Come now and follow Little Miss HISTORY as she enlightens you about The Statue of Liberty!”

I'm Proud to Be Natural Me

Written and Illustrated by Marlene Dillon

I'm Proud to Be Natural Me
By Marlene Dillon

About The Book

I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! is the story of a little girl who is teased about the texture of her hair. She goes home and tells her mom about it, and her mom teaches her that her hair is a part of her identity and that she is beautiful the way God created her. By the end of the story the little girl is saying, “I love how God created me. I’m proud to be natural me!”

What an awesome story. What an awesome opportunity to teach children that we are ALL beautiful as is.

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