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When Blank Pages Make the Best Stories

After a busy day with my daughter, I ran out of energy and ideas for playtime activities.  We were sitting on the sofa together taking a break.  I was trying to regain motivation, and she was ready for the next activity- coaxing me to have another tea party.

As she scooted over to sit closer to me, she sat on top of an empty notebook of mine.  I had hoped to use it earlier in the day to sketch and to write.  That didn't happen.

Blank Pages

Blank Pages


She found a notebook filled with a lot of blank pages.

To my surprise, the empty pages did not dampen her excitement.  As she picked up the notebook, she smiled widely and said, "Look, Mommy your book!" 

Before I could respond, she opened it up and began pretending to read a story.  With each turn of a page the story continued in great detail.  She told a story about a princess with rainbow colored dresses.

Reading Blank Pages

Reading Blank Pages

We took a few turns telling more silly stories about princesses and puppies.  It was so much fun to sit together making up the stories. It was a nice turn of events.  I loved that our next playtime activity developed naturally.  

This story time ended up being the best part of our day.

Who needs pictures and written words when you have an active imagination?

A Toddler's Priceless Sincerity

This morning my daughter woke up in her usual bright-eyed and cheery way.    As I opened her door, I heard “I awake Mommy.”

“I see that.  Good morning sweetie.” I replied.   Then, picked her up and hugged her smiley face.  She quickly indicated with kicks and wiggles that she wanted down.

As soon as her feet hit the ground, she started talking. “Mommy, I am two and a half.  Mommy, I have to go potty.  Mommy, I wear my pink dress.  Mommy, I wash my hand..." and so on.

After a slight pause, she continued with some questions.  “Mommy, I go to school today?  Mommy, I stay home with you?  Mommy, can I have a Popsicle?”  I could barely answer her before she moved onto the next topic. 

Daddy and me eating donuts

Daddy and me eating donuts

“Mommy where is Daddy?”

“He is in our bedroom,” I said.

“Okay, I go see him.”  She said as she ran down the hall shouting, “Daddy, I awake.  Daddy, where are you?”

“In here (our bedroom),”  he replied.

“Daddy, I want a bow in my hair.  Can you put a bow in my hair?”  she asked.

“Mommy will put a bow in your hair,”  he replied.

“Okay.  Mommy put a bow in your hair too, Daddy?”

“No, I don’t need a bow.  I don’t even have hair.”  He said laughingly.

“Mommy, Daddy doesn’t have hair,” she said with an inquisitive tone.

 “I know sweetie.  Daddy doesn’t have hair.  He is bald,”  I replied with a smile.

She replied with a question, “Why?”

 “It fell out a long time ago, but that is okay.  We love Daddy with his bald head.”

 “Mommy, can we go to the store today?” 

“Maybe.   Why do you want to go to the store?" I asked.

“We go to Target and buy Daddy hair, okay?”

I loved her sincerity. 

We had a quick giggle and long conversation.

Animals, Animals All Around

Writing and illustrating children's books has been a lot of fun.  Part of the fun comes from the process of creating characters and story lines.  The ideas for my books come from all different places such as my imagination, watching kids and pets, and listening to true stories about kids and families. 

Lately, I have had opportunities to find new ideas at a few different places.  A few weekends ago, my family and I visited the local Dallas Aquarium where we saw many cute, cuddly, and slimy animals like the penguins below.



And these flamingos.



This past weekend we were lucky enough to go to the Dallas Zoo where we are able to pet goats and a giraffe. Yes, a friendly giraffe walked towards the crowd so that we could pet him. 



Also, we saw other animals like this gigantic, furry rabbit.

Look at that bunny

Look at that bunny


Our recent move to Texas has given us the opportunity to explore some kid friendly attractions in Dallas.  While at the aquarium and zoo, I took many photos that I hope to use as creative inspiration for new projects.  I am looking forward to working on some new books ideas. 


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