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A Farewell to Buddy

Farewell my love

Sadly, my family and I had to say good-bye this week to my dog, Buddy.  He inspired the Buddy character in my first two books, Buddy's Dream and Can We Play Again?

Buddy was a fun-loving and mischievous Shih Tzu.   Everyone who met him loved him.  He had away of making people feel like they were his "buddy." 

His charm and charisma will always remain a character inspiration.   Thank you for 10 great  years and companionship.  We love you Buddy!

Friends Yet?


Over the past few months I have been busy getting used to being a mom and balancing life.  The time and experiences have definitely given me some new inspiration.  So, I am back and excited to be working on some projects that I love.   I can't wait to share more information about the children's books I am writing.

For now, I will share an image of my daughter Lily and my dog Buddy coexisting.  They are beginning to warm up to each other.  Maybe one day they will be friends?  For now as you can see...they keep their distance.   Love them both.

Successful Walk

This is What #Success Looks Like

A Happier Buddy

It was a good morning!

Finally a successful walk outside on a sunshine filled, cold day.   Our walking experience was completely different than what we endured yesterday. 

Booties remained intact on Buddy's feet!  No falling off or biting off today.

Ah, the joys of everyday, small successes! 

Polar Vortex 2 Dog Booties


Buddy was not a happy dog. 

Freezing temperatures and chemicals are too much for this little guy's paws.  So I attempted to help him out.  

After 30 minutes of trying to get the booties on his paws, I was feeling hopeful.  However, the idea proved to be an #epicFailure.  We didn't make it very far on our walk before they started falling off.   In the end, either they fell off or he bit them off.

My new hope is for warmer weather very soon!

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