Corine Dehghanpisheh

Children's Picture Book Author and Illustrator

Writer and illustrator of children's picture books.

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Quiet Space for Creativity

As a creative person, I am always looking for everyday inspirations and inspiring places to work. 

I usually work form home but on some occasions I need to find a fresh spot in order to create something new.  I tend to think best in a new environment.  The freshness helps me to see things in different ways which can help me overcome writer's block or other creative freezes.

Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho

Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho

This is the view from my current work spot in Idaho- the peacefulness and calm helps me focus and find clarity. 

I am having fun with my family while working hard on the third book in my #BabyLove Series.

Tell us where do you find your inspiration?

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