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Wishful Wedding: A Pocketful of Pride Children's Book Review


I recently reviewed the children's book, Wishful Wedding: A Pocketful of Pride by A.S. Chung.  

Here is the review which is also posted on Amazon and Goodreads:

A.S. Chung has done an excellent job of introducing the topic of same sex marriage into her latest book Wishful Wedding: A Pocketful of Pride.

Cleverly written and vibrantly illustrated. Wishful Wedding is a heartfelt story told through the eyes of a little girl who witnesses the inequality of marriage.

The story offers an emotional glimpse into the realities of modern family life. The little girl is very excited for her Aunt’s wedding. At the same time, she recognizes the sadness of her father’s inability to marry. All the while, the little girl remains hopeful that one day her two father’s love can be recognized and celebrated too.

I would highly recommend this book to open up dialogue and discussions about love and marriage.

Wishful Wedding: A Pocketful of Pride is available on Amazon.

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