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"My Daddy" from a Toddler's Point of View

Tonight my husband and daughter returned from Dad's Night at her preschool with the picture below.  She was very proud of her drawing of Daddy. 

I loved her simplistic description of him- it was perfect.

In the mornings she often asks us "Why does Daddy have to go to work?"   And Daddy simply replies, "I have to make some money for us." 

I think it's time we should explain more about what Daddy does for a living. 

My Dad

My Dad

Put Down Your Phone

"Put down your phone." Such a timely message.

In today's world, it is difficult for most people, especially for parents to find the right balance for family, work, and self.   We are inundated with phone calls, texts, emails and busy schedules. 

Being present in the moment becomes near impossible while multi-tasking especially during a routine activity.

This CNN article below highlights the importance of putting our phones down and being present with our children.

As parents we can spare a few moments from our phone and work to hug our kids, look them in the eyes and say, "Hello, I have missed you, I love you."  Especially when picking them up from daycare or school. 

Photo by Adam Crowley/Stockbyte / Getty Images

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How do you shut out the noise and stay in the moment with your kids?

Engaging Story and Charming Illustrations

I love this book.

In summary a young girl has to split her time between her mom and dad. This story communicates valuable messages through the positive interactions that the girl experiences with her parents separately. Most importantly the young girl knows that she is loved and that they will always be there for her.

A.S. Chung has really developed an engaging story for a difficult topic of divorce or separation through her use of rhyming words. The illustrations are just as charming and they help to emphasize the books messages.

A Brand New Day – A Banana Split Story is a well written and illustrated children’s book, which I would recommend especially to families that are living through divorce or separation.

Check it out!

Learn more at Pigeonhole Books Website.


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