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Favorite Book Right Now

My daughter can not get enough of the book, You Don't Want a Unicorn!  by Ame Dyckman and Liz Climo.  Here she is reading it to her furry friends. 

Stuffed animals favorite book

Stuffed animals favorite book

It is such a cute and fun read.  The illustrations are colorful and lively. And even though my daughter has read the book a million times already- she still wants a unicorn.  The pink one.

Have a fun time reading this book- we highly recommend it.

Mom Read This Book, Please

My favorite part of the morning is reading with my daughter.  I think it is so important to read together.  We have set up a couple of different reading corners for her.  One in her bedroom and one in our living room. 

At 10 months old, I can't believe Lily already knows which books she wants to read. 

Here she is in the living room pulling out her favorite book.of the moment.  (Her favorite book changes quite often-almost daily.)  Right now Lily enjoys books about animals, especially dogs.  She likes to make the "woof, woof" sound when I read to her.

Favorite book of the moment.

Favorite book of the moment.

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